Saturday, December 12, 2015

Laser Hair Removal at Vanity on Mill Hair Gallery and SpaLaser Hair Removal

What about epilators you say? A spinning wheel of tweezers ripping hair out by the roots sounds like a perfectly harmless way to get smooth legs, as long as you don't mind the swelling, bleeding and ingrown hairs. Although the people over at say the higher priced models are not AS painful.
Instead of torturing yourself let us introduce you to laser hair removal...

 Hands down, our Laser Hair Removal service continues to prove to be the most popular service for both men and women at a very affordable price. Whether you want to lose the hair from your upper lip, bikini area, or anywhere in between, laser hair removal is highly effective at getting rid of areas of unwanted hair.

 The procedure: A laser passes over a specified area, sending a light which penetrates through the skin and body to the unwanted hair follicle. If the surrounding skin is relatively light compared to the color of the hair, then the entire energy of the laser will be concentrated in the hair shaft, effectively destroying it without damaging the skin. 5-7 treatments are required for best results. 

 The results: People have claimed laser hair removal feels like a series of small rubber band snaps. It can result in a temporary light pink color of the skin which usually disappears within several minutes of leaving the office, leaving the patient with new smooth hairless skin. Anyone with darker hair is a good candidate; while light-blonde, gray or redheads can be more problematic and require extra treatments.

If you're tired of shaving, this service is for you.  WaxingNufree Anti-microbial/Anti-bacterial is a hair removal system that is safe, fast & painless.  It contains no wax, sugar or honey!  In just minutes Nufree completely clears the hair follicle including the bulb, shaft & papilla, unlike any other hair removal product.  Online Holiday Special Get ready for the holidays with a special gift from AZ Laser Hair Removal. Receive $100 off your first visit!